On this site you will find information about the Temple of Abzu deck and the gematria it's based on. Used together they create a system that in the beginning was constructed to be used within the Esoteric Order of Dagon [www.esotericorderofdagon.net] to explore the works and mythos of the horrorwriter H.P Lovecraft in search for esoteric knowledge and experiences, with great results. The system has not been shared with "outsiders" to any great extent before now but I have now decided it's time to do so. The reason for this is that people who has worked with it have reported back strange and fashinating results and I have definitely experienced my fair share of them myself. The deck definitey connects to the raw and untamed energy of the Lovecraftian current and the gematria has revieled many esoteric secrets during the years. But that's not all. It seems that this systems usuage goes well beyond that. Even people who don't work within the current have reported back intriguing results when working with the deck.
The bottom line is, THIS SYSTEM WORKS!

Calling it a system is in itself a bit of a streach in a way, because both the Temple of Abzu deck and the gematria works really well on their own for their intended purposes, but combinding them adds an extra layer that definitely can be useful to have at times. Not surpricingly for a new system like this (it has been around for about 15 years) there are still room for experimentation and inovation. Ultimatly how you use it is up to you, there is no right or wrong way initially, the outcome of a working will tell you is you have found an effective way or not. I'm looking forward to read about what people will come up with.

The deck can been used for many things, like readings, astral traveling, rituals, shadowwork, or as a way to contact otherwordly entities. It even works just by being in your presence at times. The gematria has many uses, to find hidden meanings and associations between words and phrases or to "confirm the result" of a working, and that can be an important tool for practicing occultists. I have mostly, but not exlusivly, used the system for Yog-Sothothery (Lovecraft inspired magick), and can testify that it is highly effective when working within that current.

There are two links above that works as gateways to the different parts of the system. On the page about the Temple of Abzu deck you will get more information about it and there you can also buy a deck. The gematria page outlines and explain the gematria and there you find also links to online tools like a TOA calculator and a seach tool that lets you search through some of Lovecraft's works for words and phrases and give to the TOA value of the sentence were it is found. On the background page you will find detailed information about how they were discovered and created, I recommend you checking that out first because it happened in a curious way.

The Temple of Abzu system (both the cards and gematria) was created by Howler Dahlroth.
Do not use the images or anything else on this site without permission.
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Disclamer: If you decide to work with the TOA system you are doing it at your own risk.